Winter Boats

Winter Boats

Boats stacked up together on the dock add some color to the winter landscape.


Searching for Shadows

Garden Plants

It was sunny yesterday and I decided to go for a walk in the park to find some shadows.

I entered the park near the flower garden. The garden plants left standing look lovely in the sun.

Snow on Trees

Of course, I couldn’t ignore the way that the snow settles on the trees. I really enjoy the little details found in nature.

Old Fence

In the middle of the park, there is an old fence. I like the way that nature grows around the fence to reclaim the space.


I didn’t see any interesting shadows until the end of my walk. Then I was thrilled to see this pattern from a plastic fence. Polka dots on the snow.

Tangled Together


Today I went out looking for the plants of summer that remain standing through the winter.

I found these vines on top of the fence that surrounds the community garden in my neighborhood.

I like the way these vines wrap themselves around the fence. I like how they tangle themselves together.


In order to focus more easily on the tangled lines, I changed the original photograph to a black and white copy.

I like how the trees, fence and vines have been reduced to a series of simple lines.

Variations on a Theme

Bird’s Nest With Blue Ribbon

Bird Nest

One of the things I like to do in the winter is to look for bird nests in the trees.

This bird nest recently caught my eye. I noticed it when I saw the blue ribbon flying in the wind.

My guess is that the nest was built by a robin. It is fun to imagine the robin, months ago, flying through the air with the ribbon in its beak.

The white on top of the nest is snow. It is a good reminder that the photo was taken on a cold day in January.